About Ski Ridge Goldens

As a child, I have always had a dog by my side. I loved their companionship, loyalty and love. My parents had many different breeds. Their favorite was the white German Shepherds, which they eventually began to breed. I enjoyed playing with the puppies and watching them grow.

When I got older and had dogs of my own, I started training my dogs and entered the world of conformation, obedience and agility. I started to wonder why my dogs were having issues in the competition ring, ranging from noise sensitivity to separation anxiety while crated. I socialized my dogs beginning at eight weeks; They went to training classes and were in the show ring by four months of age. What went wrong?

I read as much as possible looking for the answers. As I delved deeper into researching animal behavior, I learned that mindful socialization begins at birth. In fact, it’s the first 63 days of life that are critical. This is when puppies build a reference library that helps them understand and adapt to the rest of the world. What they learn and understand depends on what they experience, especially under the age of eight weeks before the fear period begins.

I began educating myself and enrolling in courses with breeders who emphasized early development. I first began with Puppy Culture, and also took their Newborn to New Home course. I then enrolled in Susan Clothier’s Enriched Puppy Protocol. Susan is a member of the behaviorist group I belong to; Susan established the procedures on raising puppies for many of the seeing eye dog agencies. I also mentored under Jeanette Forrey, of 4E Kennels, Badass Breeder program. Jeanette focuses on “Raising The Empowered Puppy”, which is the title of her book. The knowledge from these breeding programs is priceless. They have taught me that breeding is more then giving birth and raising a healthy litter.

Why Us?

Breeding is engaging with each and every puppy.


It’s not just handling the puppies, it’s developing and teaching them through an enriched curriculum where they not only learn and grow but they also become successful dogs. This was the missing link and what I now bring to my breeding program and the raising of my puppies.

I not only raise confident well adjusted puppies who have gone on to become wonderful family pets but puppies who are successful in competitive sports as well as service and therapy dogs. 


See What People Are Saying

"Laura was very responsive and helpful. Her communications are very quick and formative. We got our baby boy from her and it has been a pleasant experience so far. Thank you."

Zuko, 2 months old

"Awesome experience with Laura from Ski Ridge Golden Retrievers. We love our new puppy (Winnie). The pick-up and continual communication has been great. Highly recommend, thank you."

Winnie, 2 months old

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